I know super easy, right?


If your head (and heart) are spinning with great ideas that put that familiar 'ping in your belly' but the thought of making it a reality has you

hiding or even worse, delaying your jump-off point out of confusion and overwhelm I'm here to shine the light, uncover all the possibilities, and bring out the sun!

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The League Of Legendary Biz Builders 

The revolutionary online business system for coaches, creatives, and experts that eradicates decision fatigue and has more clients begging for your brilliance!

Taking your business online is pretty exciting!

You are an expert in your field and you have many ways to create an impact.  You are ready to take this strategic step towards business growth and optimize your income!


To make that happen you need:

  • to create your course
  • implement strategy
  • automate the customer journey
  • build all your pages
  • and manage how all these things fit together

Or do you? 
Depending on where you are in your process, you may only need a simple Facebook group and a great idea!

First, schedule a clarity call, I'd love to hear about your ideas.

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You have so much knowledge, skills,
and inspiration to offer!

When you are in your zone of genius things flow, and you're happy and consistent.  

When you are lost in confusion and overwhelmed things drag, and you're gloomy and erratic.

OR, just plain bored because you are not doing what sets your soul on fire or are not leading the life you know you were meant for. 


You need someone who's got a flashlight...

Someone who can read between the lines, find the hidden potential, and create a clear path.

Someone with a deep understanding of the customer journey can guide you so that your business can grow (almost) on autopilot!

I bridge creativity, strategy, and technology.  You bring your brilliance. 

Together, we carve a clear roadmap so that you can have a thriving business that you can be proud of and finally share your brilliance!


Hi!   I'm Regina Noel Podesta,

I'm a strategy and support specialist with a deep understanding and love for the entrepreneurial spirit.

Helping people scale and grow their businesses without overwhelm is my passion.  

Susan Finn
Rise Above Noise

I knew I wanted to offer a course...I had the content, love teaching...but, I was unsure how to put the pipelines, course strategy, and launch pieces all together. 

Regina's deep knowledge of funnels and Kajabi, helped me create and sell my course. 

With this new aspect to my business, I can stop trading hours for dollars & develop scalable systems that provide greater benefit to my customers.

Beth Knaus
That's A Spade

Regina is a technology wiz when it comes to the implementation of online courses and email marketing funnels. She understands all the stuff that makes the typical entrepreneur glaze over.

Don't waste another minute stressing over Kajabi, your email nurture series, or onboarding new clients. Let Regina handle it so you can do the things in your business that you love.

Kimberly Rocci
Kimberly Rocci Coaching

Regina was a pleasure to work with. I am not tech-savvy and she was able to create a landing page for me by listening to what was important to my avatar and incorporating the programs I was looking to offer.  

I had no idea how to put a landing page together that would incorporate generating income. I felt like there was an organized plan to get to the final goal.

She is delightful, positive, and inspirational. I appreciate her professionalism and wisdom and will continue to use her support to help my business grow. 

My genius is making sense of all the steps and needs so that you can go from idea to implementation. A process that often confuses and overwhelms others.  


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Create a Successful Customer Journey for Greater Impact

Apr 10, 2023