When you know your offers and services are fine-tuned, marketing will be easier, more effective, more successful, and WAY more fun. 


Offer Development

Get clear on your purpose, people, pricing, products, and programs to create a strategic offer suite.

Funnel Strategy

Develop your customer journey for compelling communication that inspires action and frees up your time.


Your messaging, properly placed, timed, and presented to convey your expertise and inspire the next action.

Offer Development

Creating Your Offer Suite

When you create the perfect offer suite you will unlock revenue potential and delight customers with a tailored offer strategy!


  • build offers that include your dreams, too
  • leverage your unique brilliance¬†
  • using the power of 3 to give options and levels that make sense to your customers
  • create client steps to success & loyalty
  • allows your outside marketing efforts and social media to have one powerful message


1.  We start with your dreams and outcome of your ideal biz lifestyle.

2.  Next, by auditing your existing offers, ideas, and unique brilliance, the common path is uncovered.

3.  Using this information your 3 Tier Offer Suite is carefully curated for an optimized customer journey!

Why Create An Offer Suite?

When you have a strategic offer suite for your business, you no longer waste precious energy creating and recreating events, pages, offers, and communication over and over. 

A strategic offer suite allows your customers to choose the path that is right for them and move forward when they are ready.

You will focus all of your messaging, and outside marketing, and finally have clarity for your audience.  

Let's Work Together on Your Offers

2-Hour Private Offer Suite Session
Know exactly how you'll serve your people AND get paid your worth. Create the perfect structure for your offers so you can focus on consistent messaging!

I Want A Private Offer Suite Session

For coaches, creatives, and experts that eradicates decision fatigue and has more clients begging for your brilliance!

Private Sessions to keep you moving!

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Funnel Strategy

Create a Customer Journey

A tailored customer-centric funnel strategy considers the 360-degree customer journey and builds relationship, trust, and experience at each stage.


  • build trust and authority with your audience
  • using CRM software to deliver specific curated content
  • leverage automation for lifestyle impact
  • customer loyalty through follow-up and follow-through
  • your funnels work day and night¬†


1.  Using your offers as a guide the path from first sale to customer success is mapped out.  

2.  Next, using templates and easy-to-follow instructions all of the language is created for

  • landing page
  • sales emails
  • customer thank you page
  • customer thank you email
  • customer success email sequence
  • next sale email sequence¬†

3.  You are now ready for implementation!  Choose

  • to hire an assistant with this clear map and plan
  • go the do-it-yourself route
  • utilize our services as a VIP (Kajabi users only)

Why Funnel Strategy Is So Important

When your funnels are set up to connect, build trust, and maintain a consistent customer journey you can focus on serving your people and enjoying life.

Automation is your friend. Your biz bestie.  Your sleep well genie. And your ticket to less stress. Your customers get what they want and need when they want it!  

Think Netflix!  

Only the top 10% of businesses world-wide have an excellent customer journey.  Claim your spot at the top and master this skill! 

Work with me on your Funnel Strategy


Ties Everything Together

When you work with me, you learn the insider secrets to communication for landing pages, email marketing, and how to tie it into your outbound marketing.  


  • communicate in a way that your customers will understand
  • features, benefits, and outcomes become clear
  • leverage all the work you've done to build your funnel into outbound marketing
  • simplify your content creation for blogs, emails, and social media


1. Once your funnel map is ready, we set out to gather all of the content and communication needs for the landing page all the way through the customer success emails.  

2.  I will show you how to break all of the information and pieces into blogs, social media content, and continued email communication with your leads.  

3.  When you work with me, you get the tools needed but also the in-depth knowledge so that you understand how to duplicate the process as your growth continues.  

When you join the membership or work with me privately,
content is part of the process!

Creating your offers and workflow is hard enough,
coming up with all the language is often the hurdle that is so overwhelming, we stop in our tracks!

That is why, when you are in my world I've made sure that you also get the how, the what, and the where, when, and who!

This membership will give you the building blocks of your online business offers.  With live strategy & troubleshooting sessions to give you the support, you need to move forward without fear, isolation or tech overwhelm.  


Private Monthly Sessions $75m


I offer Pipeline Audits, Branded Kajabi Pipeline Templates, and Live Group Coaching all the way to Complete Done-For-You Services.




She is a concrete mapper of your dream life. She helps you visualize your plan, and break it up into baby steps so you show your brilliance. If you're feeling stuck and aren't moving in the direction you want, hire Regina.

Don't walk; run! She'll help you get to where you want to go.

Michael Lee

Thank you for the strategy steps to use my pipeline in a new way. 

I can re-use all the work I've already done and reach people in a different way...


Regina is a concrete mapper of your
dream life.
Joining Online Biz Builder has been one of my greatest decisions. In building my digital products, there is so much to learn. Regina’s program as well as her patience and guidance has empowered me to create a platform that I am proud of.

Before I found Regina and her program I was a hot mess. Learning by doing is the best part about this. 


You need someone who's got a flashlight...

Someone who can read between the lines, find the hidden potential, and create a clear path.

Someone with a deep understanding of the customer journey who can guide you so that your business can grow (almost) on autopilot!

I bridge creativity, strategy, and technology.  You bring your brilliance. 

Not sure which program is right for you?  Let's hop on a quick call.


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Hi!   I'm Regina Noel Podesta,

I've been developing comprehensive offer programs, implementing winning launches, and leading teams to victory for over 20 years.  I have a deep understanding and love for the entrepreneurial spirit.

Helping people scale their businesses by embracing the magic of funnels without overwhelm is my passion. 


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