Cracking the Code: Advanced Funnel Strategies That Convert Leads into Customers

business funnels Aug 10, 2023
Advanced Funnel Strategies

In today's fast-paced digital world, businesses strive to connect with their audience and nurture leads effectively and strive for quick turnaround.  However, relying solely on a short email sequence may leave gaps in engagement and hinder your ability to build strong relationships. Overcome this cookie-cutter customer journey with targeted campaigns that transforms your leads' journey into a customized adventure. 

Why a longer nurturing period and a creative strategy can supercharge your business success.


While the typical 5-7-email nurture sequence may seem sufficient, it often fails to create a comprehensive nurturing experience and can often move people too fast, only to dump them into a general "newsletter" style monthly email that may not have any of the content at all that they've initially come to you for.

For example: Typically there is a free download resource. 

What we've been taught:

  • Email 1: Welcome
  • Emails 2-4:  Give a deeper piece of advice about the subject of the download or story to show how to use this information provided
  • Email 5: Another great tidbit or word of advice that goes deeper about the download and a bit about you
  • Email 6: Testimonials and how you work, your why.  Keep it brief and use wording that always points back to the reader.  
  • Email 7:  Tell them what to expect next (such as how often you'll communicate in your newsletter and a CTA.

Then the lead is added to a newsletter contacts list and given the same info as everyone else.  This is a good place to start for beginner businesses!  But the truth is this customer experience rarely results in any ROI.  It is a first step for many businesses and I highly recommend it over doing nothing to nurture your customers. 


But you're here to uplevel your email campaigns and start (shall I dare say it) creating funnels for your business. There is so much more you can do with your automation and your campaigns. 

And your contacts and your business deserve so much more!  The next level of your email campaign or funnels is only a tweak away!


Imagine your leads as explorers seeking a path to success. Each step they take presents an opportunity to address their pain points, and objections, and provide additional value. Limiting the journey to just five emails leaves their quest unfinished, missing out on critical touchpoints and valuable interactions.


Introducing Interactive Email Adventure: Now, envision turning your nurturing campaign into an adventure where leads embark on a captivating journey toward their goals. It all begins with the first email titled "Welcome to The Quest for Success!" This initial communication introduces the concept of an immersive and engaging adventure, promising to guide your leads toward realizing their dreams.

  • You will still do a traditional Email series following steps 1-5 as listed above.  

Then you will add the following emails:

Choose Your Path Email: In this email, inject an element of excitement by presenting your leads with a choice. Create two or three distinct paths, each representing a specific aspect of your product/service or addressing a particular need. Encourage leads to click on their preferred path, which will direct them to tailored content and exclusive offers.


Unlock the Secret Chamber Email: As your leads select their path, entice them with an email titled "Unlock the Secret Chamber!" or "Choose Your Adventure". This email serves as a tantalizing teaser, revealing an exclusive piece of content or a valuable resource related to their chosen path. You'll ask leads to click on a specific link or complete a simple task (advanced automation is needed for this one) to unlock access to this exclusive treasure.


Level Up Emails: In subsequent emails titled "Level Up, Next Steps, or Beyond the Basics"; embark on a series of interactive communications sent at regular intervals.

Each email contains valuable content, tips, or case studies that propel leads forward on their chosen path. Remember, the key here is that they are only receiving information relevant to the specific path. This is a far better experience for a new person in your world to get so much more out of the experience and relationship than simply adding them to your monthly, weekly, or bi-weekly newsletter-style email.

  • You can send as many of these as you want - with about 40% of them with a cta to purchase.
  • Here you can: Inject interactivity with quizzes, challenges, or mini-games that relate to the content. By rewarding active participation, you foster engagement and knowledge retention.


Mastery Email: At a certain stage, send an email titled something like "Master Your Skills!" or "The Perfection Zone".
This email presents your leads with advanced content or expert advice specific to their chosen path. Demonstrate how they can apply the knowledge and skills they have gained to achieve even greater success. Bolster their motivation with success stories or testimonials, inspiring them to aim higher.


The Final Challenge Email: As the journey nears its peak, send an email titled "The Final Challenge Awaits!" or "The Final Piece to Your Success"
This email presents leads with a final challenge or opportunity that brings them closer to their desired outcome. Craft an engaging and exciting message that encourages them to take decisive action, embracing the ultimate satisfaction of completing the journey and achieving success. This may even be working with you 1:1 or purchasing a next-level course.


By extending your nurturing period you unlock the full potential of your leads. Remember to personalize each email based on their preferences, actions, and progress. Utilize creative visuals, storytelling, and interactive elements to make the experience enjoyable and memorable. Embrace the power of targeted campaigns and funnels to forge strong connections, inspire action, and propel your business to new heights of success.


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