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Because the most incredible offer in the world only sells if people
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Coming up with your offers, content, and blogs is hard enough.
Choosing a name that attracts and sells can be simple!

With easy-to-follow instructions to create your own, templates to plug and play, or simply pull from over 350 Done-For-You Ideas, you’ll have all you will ever need to create inspiring, “I MUST HAVE THIS” action from your people.

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😟Staring at a blank screen for hours
🤔Creating a name no one understands
🥱Putting your people to sleep

Every Time You...

Send an email
Write a Blog
Want an excellent starter phrase for Social Media
Name your offers
State your call to action

Hi!   I'm Regina Noel,


I'm an online business strategy and support specialist with a deep understanding and love for the entrepreneurial spirit.  I AM YOU.

With over 20 years in offer development, program design, and strategy I've worked with hundreds of people just like you.  Your strengths are in your passions and genius zone but then struggle with all of the pieces necessary to bring it to life! 

Building a great offer, designing an impactful customer journey, and implementing it too is often overwhelming! I mean it's hard enough out there, right?

I've found that even naming the sht is difficult for many (and, honestly, I've been seeing some boring, off-the-mark sht too).  I know it's mostly because we get decision fatigue or are maybe too close to it to see through all of the options.  Then, well, you come up with some crazy thing to be super special or something technical that the only person who understands what it is   

The result is lackluster excitement or even worse, no one even stops to "read more" (another lackluster cta, btw).

That's why I've created this bundle with simple steps, templates, and ideas so that you can I've designed this bundle of greatness to take this one piece off your plate and bring your sht to the world in an inspiring, "I must have that!" way.

All The Tools You Need To INSPIRE ACTION For Your Next Big Thing!

Because the greatest offer in the world only sells if people are
intrigued, inspired, and excited to learn, click, and act!

Naming Your Offers With Ease

✔ The tried and true way to collect and uncover the right words
✔ The Top Tips and Guidelines for perfect names that sell
✔ The 3 Simple Methods to uncover your perfect offer name
✔ Over 150 Examples to spark your creativity

132 Headlines Just For You!

✔ 132 options to spark your creativity
✔ Simply plug and play with your keywords
Fill in the blank options

⭐⭐⭐ Bonus:  A fun Headline MadLib for you to create your own!

Find Your Perfect Call To Action

Stay relevant and use the CTA's that are proven to work
✔ Use them as button actions or headline choose
✔ Inspire action
✔ Over 80 CTA's to use right away


The names you choose can be powerful! 

But it is the #1 mistake I see.


You are communicating every day about your business offers.  Whether it's a social media post about the way you work, an email that you want people to open, or your beautiful offer (the list goes on and on) it's vital that you catch attention, and inspire action!




Hear From Others Just Like You...


Coming up with "the thing" is hard. Then having to name it...that's even "more hard"!  This is GENIUS!


I highly recommend this resource. I have no trouble writing content or talking about what I offer, but I struggle when it comes to putting a title on a blog post or coming up with email subject lines. Regina has helped me get more direct, confident, and impactful in naming my "sht," and I'm very grateful.


I felt unsuccessful in naming my workshops and things. Now I feel more confident in the process and have renewed hope in the response going much better when I use these tools. Regina walks you through the process and gives you a ton of examples to support you along the way.


This is fantastic Regina!
I can't wait to whip something up.

With this bundle

✔ No more wasted time
✔ No more second-guessing
✔ Say goodbye to boring

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