Hold Your Clarity Call Sacred and Get It Off Your Home Page

business funnels Oct 16, 2023
Blog article Clarity Call Placement on Website

Stop wasting your time by including a Clarity Call on your home page. With a captivating Call to Action (CTA) on their homepage, many businesses want to attract their audience's attention. However, this is not the case if the CTA is a Free Clarity Call. There must be a better way. In this article, we'll look at why you shouldn't make your clarity call CTA the first option for action, but rather strategically distribute it around your site rather than on your homepage, and how it can lead to more meaningful interactions.

Picture this: you land on a website, and bam! The first thing you see is an invitation to book a clarity call. It's like being asked to dance without knowing the music. From your potential customers' point of view, it isn't very clear but it's also easy. The commitment level is very low and they get the chance to talk to you directly! On the surface, this might be attractive you to because you might want to seem approachable and helpful. But, on the underside of this, both you and your prospective client could possibly be wasting a ton of time.


Placing the clarity call within the other pages allows visitors to first explore what you provide and what it might cost. This gives both of you the opportunity for a more meaningful and productive conversation.


Create an informed customer barrier to a free call.

Many of us are going into these calls blind. Often, they end up giving away tips and knowledge in order to salvage an improperly scheduled clarity call.

A clarity call is to provide additional information and perhaps a tiny missing piece to help a person decide WHAT program to buy from you...not IF they should buy.

Avoid the Blind Date feeling and implement these additional steps:

  1. By placing the Clarity Call CTA on pages such as services, work with me, or on a direct landing page your prospect is more abt to be just that...a real prospect. They've seen how you work and what types of offers you have.
  2. Add questions to your booking software to gain insights and help you hone your talking points.


Start by asking some specific questions upfront in your intake form. You'll learn valuable information such as what's got them intrigued, what's their kryptonite, and what's their heart's desire. Armed with this info, your clarity call becomes a tailor-made experience.


The primary goal of a clarity call is to help you and your potential client understand if you're a good fit for each other. By asking specific questions in your clarity call intake form, you can gain valuable insights before the conversation even begins.

Some questions to consider asking include:

  • Which of my programs are you most interested in?
  • What is your biggest obstacle?
  • What specific outcome or solution are you looking for?


By collecting this information, you're better equipped to have a tailored discussion during the clarity call, addressing the prospect's unique needs and concerns.


Nix the Time-Wasters
Placing your clarity call on your homepage can attract the "I'm just browsing" or even worse, the "I don't really know how you can help me" crowd. By adding the layer of some browsing before you offer this call you'll have a better chance at spending your time with the right people.

Placing the clarity call CTA on the homepage might lead to inquiries from individuals who are not entirely sure what they want or need. It's essential that the clarity call doesn't turn into a free consultation or a "pick your brain" session. Instead, by understanding your prospect's obstacles and desires in advance, you can direct the conversation toward solutions that are relevant to them. This focused approach can save both you and the prospect time and ensure a more meaningful conversation.


Wallet-Friendly Discussion
If someone's wallet does the cha-cha, you don't want to show them the fancy ballroom. By addressing budget concerns upfront, you can steer the conversation toward wallet-friendly options. No need to waste time talking about high-roller services when the #1 obstacle listed in your clarity call intake form is money.

This approach respects the prospect's limitations and allows for a more productive conversation.


When you SHOULD keep your Free Call CTA front and center:

For the newbies out there, a free clarity call is a goldmine. It's like market research on steroids. Sure, you can still go for a sale here but you're also collecting intel. This type of clarity call can serve as a learning experience, helping you understand your audience's pain points and gaining valuable insights that will shape your future offerings.
As your business grows, you'll transition the option outside the home page – it's a power move.


In a nutshell, where you place your clarity call and the info you collect prior is an important strategy. By positioning the clarity call within your services section, you allow potential clients to explore your offerings, understand the costs, and express their specific needs. This keeps your clarity calls super focused, ensuring you're both on the same page. Whether you're a newbie or a seasoned pro, the Clarity Call can be your secret weapon instead of a time-waster.



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