There are so many ways that your business can run. 

But one thing is for must scale your time in order to live your dream life AND have a thriving business.  

That is why all of my projects and strategies are based on discussions and an overview of how your unique business will best be built. 

There are NO COOKIE CUTTER solutions when you work with me.  

With my unique combination of Done-For-You and Done-With-You processes, you will

  • Add depth to your customer onboarding experience
  • Create your perfect suite of offers
  • Tie all of your offers together with funnels and automation

Bring your business into the top 10% that will bring the joy and wealth you're ready for. 

The Partnership You Need To Build
A Successful Online Business

Bridging creativity, strategy, and tech.

My goal is to define your offer, create a clear path to success for you (and your customers), and provide the guidance you need to bring it all to life!

Whether you are wanting to uplevel your current automations, lead generators and funnels or have no idea what's even possible for you, I'm here to help!

Strategy - Coaching - Guidance
Help With My Kajabi Site

Strategy & Coaching Sessions

You are unique! You get to stay that way.

When you work with me, we get into all of the details of your business!  No cookie-cutter advice or solutions given.


Let's Plan Your Perfect Offer Suite!


2-Hour Private Offer Suite Session
  • Pre-worksheets
  • Clarify your ideal biz life
  • Uncover and define how to lean on your talents, passions, and skills and create a massive impact on your people
  • Create Your Offer Suite packaging, pricing the best delivery method for you
  • Recorded Session for "ah-ha" moments
  • Offer Map Visual delivered to you within 48 hours 


Private 1:1 Funnel Builder Strategy/Coaching

Your trusted advisor and guidance sessions to overcome the obstacles, break through the confusion, and keep you moving toward your dream business. 

These laser-focused sessions are a great way to create your unique strategy and organize the steps to achieve it, with templates, mentorship, and accountability so you can keep moving forward.

With tasks, resources, templates, and supportive check-ins along the way.  You will have additional feedback on your content to be sure you never get stuck and to feel confident in your communication with your audience, customers, or clients.  

Week 1:  Your journey starts with an (up to) 90-minute mapping call to fine-tune your overall funnel design. 

We will map out the steps necessary to coordinate all of the pieces to build your funnel. 


Then, we will meet weekly for 7 more weeks to keep you on track so that you complete all of the pieces so that the implementation piece is as seamless as possible for you, or your hired technical assistant.  

  • Step-by-step process broken into bite-size pieces.
  • Templates and worksheets specific to your steps as you need them!  No more overwhelm!
  • Visual Site/Customer Journey Map.
  • All sessions are recorded for you.
  • Email or Voxer access for questions, feedback, and support.
  • Shared Google Drive to house your templates, recordings, and content for you to keep.
  • Access to Group Strategy Calls for added support and feedback. 
  • Sessions can also be used for technical assistance in Calendly, Kajabi, or Canva.

This means you can:


🚫 Eliminate all the second-guessing

⏩ Speed up your product launch to see results sooner than you ever thought possible

🔥 Have all the pieces in place and ready to go

🤩 Erase the confusion and overwhelm

🚀 Fast track your content and feel confident when you launch


Don't stay stuck a moment longer - get started today!


Not sure which option is best suited for you?   

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KAJABI Expert To Build A Successful Online Business

Kajabi is my preferred platform.  This is where I live, work, and play. 

Choose from branded template setup, DIY w/ support membership, or complete Done-For-You Service. 


Klub Kajabi Membership: 
DIY With Guidance


This dynamic membership program is for you if you want to take control of your tech (or have a VA), and want access to your own personal Kajabi Expert and Funnel Strategist!

I will guide you to take mastery of the tools and features of the software so that you can glide through building your site with ease.

You get to build your Kajabi assets faster with a support system, safety net, and coach helping you along the way! 

Check Out The Membership

Kajabi Implementation

*All implementation services require Project Planning Package Purchase prior to this service.

Using an efficient solution to build your online business is a smart choice that saves you time and money, and it gives your customers the seamless experience they have come to expect in today's marketplace.  

I offer you the knowledge and the tools to put this powerful software to work driving your sales day and night.

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Skip the Kajabi Learning Curve Headache with a personalized Funnel Template

When you book a Kajabi VIP Day with me, you get an entire workday dedicated to fast-tracking your Kajabi Funnel/Pipeline. 

After completing a pre-work questionnaire, we start your day with a kickoff call where you choose your Landing Page Template. 

I begin the work while you focus on other things, (even a beach day)! 

1. Your branded template pages and email sequence templates will be complete and ready for you!

You will simply plug in your images, headlines, and wording for:

  • Your landing page
  • Your checkout page
  • Your thank you page

2. Your automation triggers and setup will be in place and ready to work.

3. Your email sequence will be set up with automation, and timing. All you do is fill in the blanks, answer the prompts, add any links needed

No more struggling with the Tech and learning curve!  

Your day ends with a live (recorded) tour of your pipeline where you can ask any questions and also receive a personalized loom video so that you can take the wheel and make any updates as needed!

You have 30 days of private support communication & a 30-day free trial to private session subscription!

This means you can:


🚫 Eliminate all the tech headache

⏩ Speed up your product launch to see results sooner than you ever thought possible

🔥 Save your mental energy for the good stuff 

👋🏽 Say goodbye to the learning curve, fear, and minuscule details that tend to drag for weeks and even months

🤩 Erase the fear hurdle that stops 98% in their tracks

🚀 Fast track your Kajabi knowledge and feel confident when you launch

Not sure which option is best suited for
your current needs?   Let's hop on a call!