The Partnership You Need To Build
A Successful Online Business

Bridging creativity, strategy, and tech.

My goal is to define your offer, create a clear path to success for you (and your customers), and provide the guidance you need to bring it all to life!

Whether you are wanting to uplevel your current automations, lead generators and funnels or have no idea what's even possible for you, I'm here to help!

Strategy Sessions
Build My Kajabi Automations

There are so many ways that your business can run. 

But one thing is for must scale your time in order to live your dream life AND have a thriving business.  

That is why all of my projects and strategies are based on discussions and an overview of how your unique business will best be built. 

There are NO COOKIE CUTTER solutions when you work with me.  

With my unique combination of Done-For-You and Done-With-You processes, you will

  • Add depth to your customer onboarding experience
  • Create your perfect suite of offers
  • Tie all of your offers together with funnels and automation

Bring your business into the top 10% that will bring the joy and wealth you're ready for. 


KAJABI Expert To Build A Successful Online Business

Kajabi is my preferred platform.  This is where I live, work, and play.  I do provide implementation and support services for those who are building their Biz and Dreams on this incredible platform.  

Strategy - Process - Skills - Success

Start with a Clarity Call:  Let's uncover your potential and design your next steps!

Coaching and Strategy Sessions:

By the package:  purchase 1 or more sessions to dig deeper into your business roadmap.
By the project: In these sessions, I guide you through designing the offer, delivery method, and customer success journey through strategy sessions, templates and worksheets so that you have all the necessary pieces for a successful offer launch.  


Done-For-You Kajabi Implementation

*All implementation services require Project Planning Package Purchase prior to this service.

Using an efficient solution to build your online business is a smart choice that saves you time and money, and it gives your customers the seamless experience they have come to expect in today's marketplace.  

I offer you the knowledge and the tools to put this powerful software to work driving your sales day and night.

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Membership:  DIY With Guidance

This dynamic membership program is for you if you want to take control of your tech (or have a VA), have access to monthly funnel templates, and receive strategic guidance for your content, funnels and Kajabi site.

I will guide you to take mastery of the tools and features of the software so that you can glide through building your site with ease. 



Projects big and small - let's get them done!

Landing pages, sales funnels, opt-ins, and more.  Let's move your "To-do list" to the "Ta-Da" list! 

All projects are VIPs to me. 

How your VIP project will work:

Step 1:  Upon signing up you receive an intake form.  This is the beginning of collecting your customer journey information.  You will be prompted after completion to schedule your first call.

Step 2:  The first call is when we set up your private access folder where you will compile all of the information needed for your specific project.  Prompts, examples, and templates are provided.  Then we schedule your VIP day.

Step 3:  Using the list, templates, and prompts provided to you, you will compile all of the content needed, images you prefer, language, or course content for your project.  I am available for questions at any time during this stage, don't stay stuck!

Step 4:  Your VIP day is the day or hours that are set aside ONLY for you!  No juggling another project or client demands...JUST YOU.  We begin the day with a kickoff call to review any outstanding questions and the work begins.  You are asked to be able to answer emails for reviews or possible hiccups as your project progresses.  

Step 5:  We end the day with a zoom meeting to review and if needed, create the final punch list!

Finalization of your project:  This happens either the same day or within 48 where you will be able to ask all your design questions on a recorded zoom call for your reference and loom tutorials of the full scope of work so that you can make additions or changes down the road.  


Because projects aren't always cut and dry, let's hop on a call and talk about what you're looking to accomplish.



I'm going to say it...GONE are the days that you can have a stagnant website.

There, I've got that off my chest.  

Creating an online user experience that gets your prospect interacting with you is vital to the quickly changing landscape of how we do business.

By 2040 96% of all transactions will be online.  That means your customer wants to be able to access your services FROM ANYWHERE!  

Are you ready?  Is your website software ready?  

If you are curious about Kajabi and how it is helping businesses like yours with an All-in-one platform, take a look.