3 Phases of Online Business Technology Needs [And What You Don't]

business Jan 11, 2023
Online Business Technology Needs

Creating a successful online business requires a combination of many different skills, including marketing, product development, and financial management to name just a few.

One of the most critical aspects of building an online business is having the right technology in place to support your operations and ensure that you can scale your business as it grows.

And there is the magic phrase "scale your business as it grows".

In this blog post, we'll take a look at some of the key technology that you'll need to consider as you move through the different phases of developing your online business.

Phase 1 Idea Generation and Research:

Now, the books will tell you to spend hours and hours on google analytics, keyword research, and competitor analysis but you know if you've hit on a passion that others want to hear about. I say spend no more than one week to get a firm grip on your first way to test if folks will pay.

If you

  • already have an audience that knows you for your passion or expertise
  • people have already asked you for advice or added questions to your posts looking for more information or help

Tech needed:

  • FB Group if you want to run a group thing for payment
  • A calendar scheduler if you want to offer your expertise via 1:1 calls.
  • Payment portals such as PayPal or Venmo
  • Possibly google drive if you want to share documents/templates.

Offer Suite: 1 Offer - direct payment


This step IS YOUR RESEARCH! You will learn so much from questions, obstacles, and so much more...why not get paid for it?!


Phase 2: Hang Your Shingle

In this phase, you will want to move into a more official business model. Naming your business, getting a domain name, and having a more professional operation so that as you attract new people into your sphere, they see you as the expert you are. In phase 1, you didn't need this because you were selling to your fans!

Technology needed:

  • Calendar Scheduler
  • Payment Portal
  • Email Marketing Software
  • Story Brand Style One Page Website

Offer suite: 1 Free Opt-in, 1-2 Offers (direct payment via PayPal or Venmo)

You are still honing your first offer. Don't be fooled by anyone telling you that you have to pay thousands of dollars on a 6-page website right away...you do not! In this day and age, people spend with those they trust. Prove your market, your offer, and even that you WANT this business before spending a TON of money and investing your time and energy on the tech and back end.



Phase 3: Growth/Scale

You've proven you have a market that will pay you, you've never been more fulfilled. Now you are ready to put some serious effort and energy into making your business run with automation for both your sanity and time and a better experience for your customers.

Tech needed:

  • Add to your One page and build a full website experience
  • Blog or podcast function
  • Checkout pages/Carts
  • Digital automation and pipelines
  • Consider digital assets such as a course or membership that isn't on a public forum

Offer Suite
1 Optin (possibly low ticket), 2-3 Offers

Overall, the key technology you'll need to consider as you move through the different phases of developing your online business will depend on the specific nature of your business, and the goals you are trying to achieve. By understanding the different tools and technologies that are available to you, you can be better equipped to make the right choices for your business as it evolves.

My all-in-one software favorite is Kajabi. Starting with this software, if you can, enables you to build and scale with confidence, knowing that all of the tools you need are right there and ready when you are!
Yes, I am a Kajabi affiliate.  It is the platform I use myself and also offer tech support services and implementation for my clients and students. 

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