What Kind Of Virtual Assistant Does Your Business Need?

When it's time to move away from your DIY business strategy it's a big decision.
First, congratulations this is a big step!

It's probably been a road to get to this point. Whether you have a case of controlitis or have been waiting for your budget to allow for it, you recognize it's time to grow, and doing all of the things yourself is holding you back. Or, even worse, you have a stagnant business, working looong hours, missing out on the three f's; (family, friends, and fun), or finding that you've lost your passion for this business ownership thing you were so excited to do and know you want to dig in and find some help.  Either way, it is a pivotal moment so let's celebrate you!  


Business help in the virtual world and assistant contractor roles are getting a bit confusing these days. Choosing the wrong role for the help you need, where you are in your business, or personality type can be costly. Understanding a bit of insider information can cut down on...

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Are You Ready For a Home-based Side Gig?

If you are finding that there simply is not enough money coming in to meet all of your needs and wants, you may be considering a part-time gig.
Building a part-time home-based business is a great way to control your schedule and begin something new. Supplementing your income while remaining at a full-time job is an attractive idea that many people take on and become successful entrepreneurs even to the point of being able to leave a full-time job and thrive as a business owner.

There are a few things to consider when making this decision:

Is the home business in conflict with your full-time job?

Many employers will not be in support of competition from one of their employees. For example, someone working for a carpet cleaning company starting a home business offering cleaning services may find the boss a bit miffed. Often these issues force the employee to choose between keeping their full-time job or finding work elsewhere.

Time can be an issue.

The amount of time involved in...

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