Funnel Builder Coaching

10 Weeks of private, 1:1 strategy, guidance, and feedback directly from me, your Funnel Qveen!


Your trusted advisor and guidance sessions to overcome the obstacles, break through the confusion, and keep you moving toward your dream business. 


These laser-focused sessions are a great way to create your unique strategy and organize the steps to achieve it, with templates, mentorship, and accountability so you can keep moving forward.


With tasks, resources, templates, and supportive check-ins along the way.  You will have additional feedback on your content to be sure you never get stuck and to feel confident in your communication with your audience, customers, or clients.  


Week 1:  Your journey starts with an (up to) 90-minute mapping call to determine your next steps.  

We will map out the steps necessary to coordinate all of the pieces to build your funnel design.

Then, we will meet weekly to keep you on track so that you complete all of the pieces so that the implementation piece is as seamless as possible for you, or your hired technical assistant.  

  • Step-by-step process broken into bite-size pieces.
  • Visual Site/Customer Journey Map.
  • All sessions are recorded for you.
  • Email or Voxer access for questions, feedback, and support.
  • Shared Google Drive to house your templates, recordings, and content.
  • Access to Group Strategy Calls for added support and feedback.  Take advantage of the mastermind!
  • Templates and worksheets specific to your steps as you need them!  No more overwhelm!
  • Sessions can also be used for technical assistance in Calendly, Kajabi, or Canva.

Don't stay stuck a moment longer and schedule your call today!

Important Notes: 

  • Your first session must begin within 2 weeks of purchase. 
  • Because delaying is often the reason we stay stuck in the first place, the sessions are consecutive and cannot be separated.
  • NO REFUNDS NO DELAYS OF TIMELINE UNLESS EXPRESSLY DETERMINED PRIOR - email me at [email protected] for questions.  

What People Are Saying:

Building an online workspace is complicated and she guided me on how to connect the dots. She is patient, thoughtful, and creative. But mostly, she is a partner and a collaborator in the entire process. Her strategy sessions are such a huge value to my business.

Susan Salzman

"I love how spot-on you are with your comments and advice." ;-)

Laura S.

$2,500.00 USD

I understand that all implementation is my responsibility.  I understand that all information and guidance from Regina Noel is up to my interpretation and understanding of my business and audience. 

I understand that Coaching does not include any technical work, troubleshooting, or help desk and is considered implementation work unless conducted during our scheduled session time.

Technical work, troubleshooting, or help desk time is available upon request at a rate of an additional $100 per hour, with a 1-hour minimum deposit required and billed every 30 minutes thereafter.  

All sessions may be rescheduled up to 48 hours in advance without losing the session.  
Late attendance does not extend the amount of time allotted.  

All of your information is confidential and private.  I do not share inside privileged information with others.  

No Refunds.  

Your first session must begin within 2 weeks of purchase. The sessions, weeks, and monthly schedule is consecutive and cannot be separated.