Are You Ready For a Home-based Side Gig?

If you are finding that there simply is not enough money coming in to meet all of your needs and wants, you may be considering a part-time gig.
Building a part-time home-based business is a great way to control your schedule and begin something new. Supplementing your income while remaining at a full-time job is an attractive idea that many people take on and become successful entrepreneurs even to the point of being able to leave a full-time job and thrive as a business owner.

There are a few things to consider when making this decision:

Is the home business in conflict with your full-time job?

Many employers will not be in support of competition from one of their employees. For example, someone working for a carpet cleaning company starting a home business offering cleaning services may find the boss a bit miffed. Often these issues force the employee to choose between keeping their full-time job or finding work elsewhere.

Time can be an issue.

The amount of time involved in operating your home business will need to be examined to determine if it can be done effectively while working full time. Limited availability, time spent "on" the business, and time spent "in" the business are often overlooked and underestimated.

This is an important consideration since the additional time needed often interrupts or hinders time with family, friends, or hobbies. These activities help are the kind that helps us with stress, so be aware that if you are already stressed out, you might be adding more.

There are home business opportunities that require less time and can be worked on at small increments, thereby taking moments accumulated throughout the week as opposed to hours at a time.

Overall, there will be some sacrifice of time when running a business and working full time outside the home.

Do you have a business owner mindset?

Too many times a well-grounded work ethic gets tossed to the side when pursuing a personal business. This may sound harsh but...a strong worker doesn't always become a dedicated business owner. You will need to make an honest assessment of your work style to make sure it is the right fit.   

         Are you able to be consistent without a manager or accountability?
         Do you enjoy tackling problems?
         Is constant learning a hell yes or hell no?
         Are you a good decision maker?

Now, let's take into consideration the unforeseen, historical event that we are currently enduring...Covid-19. This has changed not only the landscape of how we work, where we work, and even if we have the ability to work at all during a crisis. It has changed how we all perform our daily lives and would be foolish to not learn from it.

If you had been considering starting something that if your own business even just a little, and feel you have what it takes, there is no time like the present!

Starting a side gig and turning it into a profitable business that meets or exceeds your goals and dreams is an extremely rewarding endeavor. It allows for security, flexibility, and overall lifestyle freedom. Imagine the moment when you can move to one full-time role where you are flourishing and quit that office job to work for your own business or take that dream vacation with the extra money you've earned.

Going into anything new takes time, consistency, and some form of investment. Think through your options, decide to commit, and make those dreams happen!

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