Lessons From "Going For It"!

motivation Apr 28, 2021

Recently, I heard a great idea that was so exciting to me, made such great sense that I went for it! Let me share with you this idea went from thought to complete in 4 weeks!  I want to share with you what I learned.   

What I learned about me:

  1.  Wow, do I know how to waste time.
    With only 4 weeks to get so very much done, I didn't have time to waste. I had to be efficient, I had to write task lists, and I had to follow through.  I accomplished so much that it made me realize how little I actually do in a day in my normal routine.  

  2. I used to be boring.
    The more excited I was talking about this idea, the more people were willing to join in. I noticed it wasn't the idea that was so exciting, it was me - I was talking and showing up differently!  I need to bring passion to everything I do.  

  3. I am brave.
    I only know this because everyone kept telling me how brave I was. I didn't feel brave, I felt electric and I let that energy spur me forward.

What I learned about others:

  1.  People love to help.
    When you are up against the ropes, or a timeline, or jumping out of an airplane, experienced people flock to help you. Successful people are generous.  
  2. People are afraid.
    Countless times (as mentioned above in #3) I was told how brave I was. They used other words too, but I think brave is the best word to use here because although they are capable also, it is fear that gets in their way.  Which leads me to...
  3. We listen to an imaginary 'group' of people that are not very nice. 
    I say imaginary because I really think it is.  Do you really have people in your life that will call you a loser if you fall?  


So if unafraid = brave, then I'll wear that badge.  

Here is the thing; I was afraid.  

Afraid no one would attend my thing, afraid I'd mess up on the big day, afraid I'd disappoint people, afraid the people I'd need to believe in me, wouldn't (or couldn't) and on and on the list went.  

In the end, I may or may not be Brave. What I am is tired.  

Tired of sitting in the back, hiding.  

Tired of not wanting to be called on or called out.  

Tired of being my own worst critic.  

Tired of worrying about what other people think.  

To the girl still sitting in the back, hiding her voice maybe you need to hear this:

She is unafraid. She is kind, generous, thoughtful, insightful, genuine, wise, and...UNAPOLOGETICALLY, BRAVE.  

The next time you have an idea, move on it! The more you exercise your brave muscle, the better, quicker, and happier you'll be!

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